In-between (1990)

for flute, clarinet, violin, cello and piano

Commissioned by the Da Capo Chamber Players

Written especially for The Da Capo Chamber Players, In-between tells a story about two textures of starkly contrasting character: one, a lively scherzo with jazzy syncopations; the other, a slow and sustained elegy. At first these two disparate textures are clearly separated; later they begin to intertwine in various ways. The scherzo intrudes on the elegy, breaking its trance. Sprightly sixteenth notes, often spinning in perpetual motion, dart across the bleak landscape drawn by the slow, brooding music. A delicate rippling figure in the piano, born from these sixteenths, supports a cello solo infected with the elegy’s sluggish rate of melodic development. The piano ends the piece still clinging to this rapid figure, as the other instruments succumb to a deep sleep.


  • Composers Conference at Wellesley College, 8/7/1991
  • Da Capo Chamber Players, 92nd Street Y, New York, 3/7/1991
  • Da Capo Chamber Players, Bard College, 3/3/1991
  • Da Capo Chamber Players, San Antonio, 1991